shortcut offers a milling and laser service using CNC
supported machines for architects, model makers,
artists, designers, the trade, the industry as well as
private individuals. And that all over Europe.
We manufacture components from a wide variety of
materials such as wood, veneers, plastics, cardboard,
papers, leather, etc. - manufactured according to your
Circles, stencils, signs, model components, logos,
fonts - from the digital template directly to the product.
We serve the range from technical components to
graphically designed objects - from individual pieces
to series production.


We will provide you with an individual offer on the day of
your request. The production takes place then after placing
of order very promptly. Faster than many online suppliers.

Material diversity

Due to the proximity of our location to Modulor
(, we have direct access to
their entire range of materials.
That enables us to process orders more quickly.
We are also happy to test your materials.

Expert advice

We are the competent contact persons for your
project. In addition to the milling and laser service, shortcut also looks back on 23 years of experience
in model making.
Due to the variety of tasks during this time we have gained knowledge of materials and their processing.
In our tutorials you will get support and assistance.
From the request to completion, a personal contact person accompanies you.

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